Mariona Vilaseca and Kelvin Atmadibrata

“. . . The eye is on fire; forms are on fire; eye-consciousness is on fire; impressions
received by the eye are on fire.”
Prince Gautama Siddharta
563-483 B.C.

Darshan explores the spiritual element of sight which will be visualized through a ritual involving the fire element. It will be conceived as a performance piece and the installation will be created out of the residue of the fire ceremony.

Both Mariona and Kelvin have contrasting concerns in their individual practices and Dharsan is an attempt to create a common language through a spiritually-inclined approach. As an artist coming from the West, Mariona is constantly interested in the spiritual teaching of Hindhuism, including yoga and vegetarianism which are also can be considered as New Age practices. Kelvin on the other hand, coming from the East looks into local folklores and narratives, presenting them through contemporary approach. This creates some sort of two forces, stimulated by geographical and psychological factors and Dharsan will be the meeting point of these waves.

In Dharsan, the two artists’ sights will be reflected upon a common subject of fire, which is visualized in companion of other materials which are of personal choices from the artists.

Mariona will be using jasmine flowers, incense, dhal, Indian pot and drawings on rice paper, which are the materials she was attached to during her residency in Singapore in August 2011.

During so, she produced Steps, a series of paper and incense sculptures. Kelvin will be responding through a recently developed series of work, Tangkuban Perahu which involves paper boats, rose petals and also drawings on rice paper. He produced Mas Keong, a project based on the element of fire during his residency in Spain in December 2011.

Both artists will also visualize the collaboration through a ritual involving fire and burning. This allows the works to be viewed in three stages, pre, during and post ritual where the final outcome of the residue has the most importance. The artists will be creating a mandala out of triangular shapes in reference to mountains’ crates, fire and eyes. During the opening night, the floor installation will be set on fire.

This exhibition is a result of a 6-months collaboration between Catalan artist, Mariona Vilaseca and Singapore-based Indonesian artist Kelvin Atmadibrata. Both artists were part of residency exchange program initiated by SinCat, a Singapore-Catalan cultural research team, Grey Project, a project space and residency by Jason Wee and Nau Coclea, a residency space in Catalan by Clara Gari.



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